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The Full Story

Meet Our Leaders

Founders, Johnny Mullins and Jon Stanley, started Synergy-Solutions because they  witnessed, first hand, how transportation and warehouse companies wrestle with the time it takes to effectively and efficiently manage safety and warehousing programs. 

In Synergy Solutions experience, owners set high standards and goals for these programs, but they simply do not have the extensive time it takes to implement this vision. 

As a result, the founders set out to help owners achieve high safety and warehousing standards with the creation of Synergy Solutions' proven hands-on approach that allows them to become a vested partner in your safety and warehousing programs. This approach allows you to focus on the other aspects of running your company. 

Let Johnny and Jon bring their combined 50 years of experience in the industry and help you achieve your vision today.

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Johnny Mullins-Founder

Johnny believes creating good processes is the key to creating consistent high performing safety and warehousing operations.  With over 30 years of experience in warehouse, transportation, safety and leadership, Johnny brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to every collaboration. As a result, he is known as a “turn around” specialist in the industry. From small company collaborations, to large operations that generate up to $800 million annually, Johnny has used his expertise and strong leadership skills to improve processes and build high performing teams that provide great service while generating high profits. 
After being discharged from the Navy, Johnny found himself in the food service industry. It was at these early jobs that he discovered his gift for creating successful operational processes that provided his employers with high profits. 

Over the next 30 years, Johnny dedicated himself to the food and transportation industry. During this time he became an expert in operations and was called upon frequently to evaluate, draft, and implement processes. 

He is known as a passionate mentor to not only men and women in the industry but many people in his community. 
While becoming an expert in the industry, Johnny met and married his wife, Shelby. They have 3 daughters and reside in Colorado. He enjoys traveling in his RV with his wife, kids, and dog.


Bring Johnny onboard and let him help you evaluate, draft, and implement safety and/or warehousing programs with his proven turn around capabilities that generate the results you are looking for.

Jon Stanley- CEO

Jon’s passion for safety ignited when he witnessed a tractor trailer lose control and collide head on with a family in an RV. After witnessing this fatal accident, Jon was fundamentally changed and began a journey to use his expertise in safety, risk management techniques, and processes to help ensure families and drivers in the industry are safe on the roadways. 

Over the last 20 years, Jon worked as a driver, transportation manager, safety director, and director of transportation. After becoming an expert in the transportation industry, Jon  took his skills and experience to the insurance industry. It was in this new position, in insurance risk management, Jon quickly realized that many companies were struggling with their capacity to manage their safety programs effectively and efficiently. He discovered his extensive background in risk management, coupled with expertise in the transportation industry, filled this void for owners. 

During his career, Jon married his wife and had 5 children. He resides in Colorado with his family and keeps busy with his children, church, and community. 
Jon is unique because you will quickly realize the same care and concern he has for his family, is the same care and concern that he provides to you. Come experience how his passion and energy for safety can transform your company.


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