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Meet Our Leaders

Synergy-Solutions was conceived from the firsthand insights of founders Johnny Mullins and Jon Stanley, who observed the struggles within transportation and warehouse companies to manage safety and warehousing programs efficiently and effectively. Not long after its inception, Jesse Staley brought his unique blend of creativity, growth mindset, and empathy to the team.

The founders of Synergy-Solutions recognize the high standards and goals company owners set for safety and warehousing programs. However, they also understand that achieving these goals requires more time and resources than most owners can spare. Thus, they established a solution: a proven, hands-on approach that positions Synergy-Solutions as a committed partner in clients' safety and warehousing initiatives, allowing business owners to concentrate on other facets of their operations.

Johnny, Jon, and Jesse collectively bring over 60 years of varied industry experience to the table. Their multifaceted expertise is the cornerstone of Synergy-Solutions, ready to help business owners realize their vision for high-standard safety and warehousing programs.


Embrace the opportunity for change and growth; let the Synergy-Solutions team assist you in translating your objectives into reality today.

Johnny Mullins.jfif

Johnny Mullins-Founder

Johnny asserts that strong processes are essential for top-notch safety and warehousing operations. With 30 years in the field, he's a "turnaround" expert known for enhancing various businesses, using his acumen to improve teams, service, and profits significantly.


Starting in food service post-Navy, Johnny quickly showcased his knack for boosting operational efficiency and profits. His subsequent years were dedicated to mastering operational strategies in food and transportation.


A mentor in his community and a family man, Johnny enjoys life in Colorado with his wife, Shelby, their three daughters, and their dog, often exploring in their RV.


Invite Johnny to refine your operational strategies; his turnaround expertise promises impactful results.

Jon Stanley- CEO

Jon's commitment to safety was ignited after witnessing a tragic accident, leading him on a 20-year journey through transportation, from driver to leadership roles. His deep expertise in safety and risk management inspired his move to the insurance sector, where he found many companies struggling with their safety programs. Jon's background became crucial for these firms, helping them enhance their safety protocols.


In Colorado, Jon leads a fulfilling life with his wife and five children, actively participating in church and community. His professional care mirrors the devotion he has for his family, showing that he's not just an expert but also a dedicated guardian for his clients' safety needs.


What makes Jon unique is his heartfelt approach. The same dedication he has for his family extends to his clients. Working with Jon means welcoming a transformative, caring energy that prioritizes safety culture, significantly improving business practices.

Jesse Headshot.png

Jesse Staley - C.O.O.

Jesse adds a unique perspective to the Synergy-Solutions team. He is creative, driven to grow, and extremely empathetic to others needs. His experience is broad and varied from being a welder, stock broker, musician, college professor, graphic artist, entrepreneur, earning his MBA, safety specialist, and now partner in a fast growing safety management company. Jesse is a renaissance man of sorts and perfectly suited to influence positive change in others. 

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