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Updated: Oct 26, 2021

Those of you who have been in the industry a long time, know and understand the importance of good insurance. As an experienced industry leader, you most likely experienced visits from your insurance company and/or their representatives. A typical visit is used to identify the potential risks and exposures that reside in your safety program.

In addition, insurance companies conduct these onsite assessments to learn how they can help you and use this time to observe if they need to make changes in how they underwrite your business.

Earlier this year, Synergy-Solutions LLC partnered with Panhandle Express LLC out of Hereford, TX. Founded in 2007, Panhandle Express became a premier supplier of transportation and logistics for the livestock feeding industry in the Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and New Mexico region. Initially specializing in liquid transport, the company has since diversified its service capabilities to serve most segments of the livestock industry.

During the last 5 months of Synergy-Solutions partnership in Panhandles safety management program, we worked diligently with their operations and safety team to create a solid and defendable program. On August 24, 2021, Panhandle Express received their first insurance onsite visit since partnering with Synergy-Solutions. Historically, these visits result in the insurance representative making recommendations to correct portions of your safety program. This was not the case for Panhandle’s August, 24th visit. Together, Synergy-Solutions and Panhandle already addressed many of the common transportation industry exposures.

The onsite visit resulted in Panhandle Express receiving the below congratulations letter:

This letter was sent out as a result of the team at Panhandle Express hard work and commitment. In addition, this letter is a testament to how Panhandle is committed to a higher standard and exceeding regulations. Panhandle Express is a proven Best in Class with their company’s safety culture, operation’s culture, and an overall great place for long term employment.

We are proud to be a part of Panhandle Express’s journey and we look forward to many more letters that recognize their hard work and commitment to safety.

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